Monday, August 28, 2006


With hectic schedule at work, i find it is impossible to give any update to dunia vovin and of course this lovely broken english blog.

But hey, i guess i must put something, particularly what happened last Saturday.

Oh no, i still don't seeing someone, i'm still single (read: loser) and no, it's not about any political events.

It's a Reading session at Seksens which i gladfully come (mostly because my friend, Fairul Nizam went there to read his 'gothic poem'). This Reading Session had been previously advertise in dunia vovin. Turned up, the event i found pretty much satisfying.

First reader who stepped upfront is TedMahsun which i know from his blog. Frankly, i didn't quite hear his stuff mostly because of my hearing problem (another polite way of saying that his voice is too slow in my humble opinion).

Next is two ladies who wrote a book 'Snapshots!', Jessie and Saradha. Both of them presented quite interesting stuff and i wonder why i didn't ask them where to find the book. Part of it because to shy to ask.

After the break, Fairul Nizam stepped up with his what i called gothic poem. The one and only lad who read something in malay. I guess his presentation is good. I know he's good, he's my friend (wohoho).

And then Sharanya come to read extract from her novel. Hmmm, she good i guess just not into my cup of tea. :P, Don't get me wrong though because she's got promising talent plus the premise of the story quite interesting.

The session ended with Jasmine Low. I find her pieces is the most interesting for that day with her 'catchy' performance.

And then there's 'open mic' session with KC reading his 'gay' stuff and brilliant Patrick Dominic.

I also met few friends who i didn't talk for quite sometime like Nizam Zakaria which now busy with his telemovie script and few other project. Another one is Chee, young and talented comic artis currently doing some work for US comic.

Fairul ask me if i want to read my piece. Hoho, yeah, right, my piece just being rejected by DBP. Maybe someday, when i'm good enough to write.

Note: No pictures as i forgot to bring cameras. But do come here for more comprehensive review plus pictures plus links.

More Notes: Still struggling with ILIAD AND ODYSSEY. Damn you Homer!


Blogger bibliobibuli said...

hello! it's nice to hear what others thought of the readings and i do hope you'll continue to come

in past events we have had more readings in malay - hope to track down some more malay writers for next time

good luck with homer - i love the odyssey! (btw homer was probably a woman, i blogged about that a week or two ago)

5:43 pm  
Blogger vovin said...

Thank you for stopping by.

Homer is a woman? Now that's new! I definately will try to search about it.

6:04 pm  
Anonymous kG said...

We throw our work out there in hopes of having our work appreciated and critiqued in the most positive manner. Unfortunately, i somehow find 'gay stuff' rather personal.

Oh well.

And oh, btw, it's kG,not KC.

12:02 pm  
Blogger Ted Mahsun said...

Sorry you didn't get to hear me... my first time... very shy one... hehehe :p

1:03 pm  
Blogger vovin said...

KG -

Ummm...i'm so sorry if my comment offended you. Never intend to.

Ohh, sorry also about the name. Actually i remember as KG but then when i read sharon's blog, i thought i might be mistaken.

I made two mistakes i guess and would apologise for that, seriously. Despite all the critique i made, i definately appreciate the stuff from all of you. :P

Ted - well, i guess i would do the same thing if i were in your shoes


1:54 pm  
Blogger kG said...

It's alright.

haha, yeah, i first saw it on Sharon's blog and told her about it, then came here and found KC again.


It's cool then.

You take care man.

4:38 pm  
Blogger kingbinjai said...

homer is a women?! tho!!

2:26 am  
Anonymous fadz said...

haha, ko tau kan prosedurnya...aku tak berniat pun, just wanted to see kan (at least u know ur strength and weakness) the value..anw, patut ko baca aja, sebab org lain akan nilai benda tu lain..lagipun, hari tu hanya hari membaca, hehe, cheers!

11:49 am  
Blogger bibliobibuli said...

homer a woman? read this post

4:04 pm  

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